For Our Clients: How to Use WordPress

Here at Wise Design Lab, we do a decent amount of WordPress blog design & implementation for our clients. While WordPress is easy to learn, you can’t just build your clients a blog, send them the login information and then disappear off of the face of the earth.

Ideally, we sit down for an hour with our clients to show them the basics of how to use their new blog (writing a post, dealing with common errors during WordPress Migration, adding categories, checking stats, uploading photos, adding users). However, when a face-to-face meet up isn’t doable; we offer remote conference (web meeting) for training some of our clients – in addition, we  video tutorial that can simplify the learning process.

In addition, we have made a very simple reference guide for our clients regarding WordPress:

  • Write a new article/blog entry
  • Save, preview & publish article
  • Add tags (and what that means)
  • Add categories (and what that means)
  • Check blog stats
  • Use the Media section
  • Moderate comments
  • Update plugins
  • Add a new user

This covers about 90% of what most basic blog users need to know, and it provides them with a resource they can come back to when needed, share within their business, and so forth. It’s sort of a basic WordPress author’s guide suitable to email and view on screen.

Click on the button below to download the free “How To Use WordPress” basic guide.