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During pandemic in 2021, like many other universities, Universitas Padjadjaran was faced with a challenge: How to conduct an orientation for thousands of their new students during lockdown, without a face-to-face meeting?



Enter the new Virtual 3D Exhibition website, built specifically for that purpose. The goal of the site was to give thousands of new students’ proper orientation to the campus and all organizations within the University. “Pakuan Padjadjaran” was the main theme of the Virtual 3D Exhibition Site, built in collaboration with a team from Universitas Padjadjaran. The university required the website to be user-friendly, equipped with a flow that students have to follow and can be tracked for completion. Content include pictures, organization information, Youtube video for each show booths. Interactive games and Photo booth were also built into the site.

Virtual Site Walktrough Video

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Universitas Padjadjaran

Virtual Events, Website