Turn shopping to be entertaining & add hidden motivators for shoppers to visit and spend more.

You’ve worked hard to promote your site, assembled many efforts in marketing, but your users are leaving after just a few minutes; customer engagement is low, and it had become harder to keep customers in your site. Gamification may be the perfect solution to boost engagement and simply keeping users on your site.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is simply taking some of the motivational elements of traditional games, such as keeping score, reaching goals and social competition and applying them to your content. Often, the concept can be applied without even creating an actual game at all. Or, in our case – we implement games that are suitable for all ages, with actual rewards that can be used as discount in actual online store.

Let Them Have Fun

The strategy is: give your customers a fun time playing game in your website, while getting a real reward (ie: store coupon) that can be used for shopping.

All of our games below can be put into your online store and can be customized to work together with your store promotion tool.


  • Achieve certain level in the game to get a Coupon Code – that Promo Coupon Code can be used during checkout in the store.
  • Customizations that include: change name of the game, change of game character or ‘personalization’ of the game to suit your business or desired theme.
  • Or offer an even better Coupon Code if they can achieve a higher level within the game; perhaps 12% off on achieving level 5,  continue to level 10 and get 15% off.
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HTML5 Games

All of our HTML5 games are supported on all platforms.
It means you can open a browser in your PC, Mac, Android or iPhone and enjoy the same game.
It also means that the games also work very well with responsive-built website, as in all our Magento and WordPress sites.

Game Demos

Feel free to test demo games below.

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