Our Design Process

Design Process

We rely on a simple and best-practice design process for our clients. Simple, yet effective.

Step 1 – Objective Meeting and Proposal

We will meet and sit with you to discuss your company’s need and objective of the project.
From this meeting, we will conduct a brief research and provide you with a project proposal. Our proposal will be a solution that we think will work best for your company.

Step 2 – Data Gathering

Once you agreed on the proposal, our team will come to you and collect all details pertaining to the project.This is to ensure that both parties have mutual understanding of the scope and objective of the project.

Step 3- Design Draft

We will start working on a design draft for your project, and present them to you.

Step 4 – Revision(s)

Any design revisions and changes that you desire can be done at this time. Each revision(s) is  aimed to improve the previous design.

Step 5 – Project Development

The design draft and final revision(s) will then move to a development process. During this development process, all details and features of the project will be done according to the project specification.

Step 6 – Project Completion

And finally, upon project completion, we will present them to you to sign-off.